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5 Side Hustles You Can Work From Home

As an ever-increasing number of businesses close and social distancing requirements continue due to the coronavirus, you might encounter an interruption in income. A side hustle you can work from home can help you gain an additional stream of income in these unpredictable times.

A 2019 Bankrate survey reports that 48% of millennials work a side hustle. The rate for Generation Xers is 39%. Most people surveyed report using their side hustle income for everyday expenses such as rent and food costs.

With a computer and a solid internet connection, you can do these five side hustles from your sofa.

1. Virtual assistant

Virtual assistants help businesses, big or small, with fundamental logistics. A virtual assistant job can include things such as scheduling, taking notes, data entry, and other secretarial basics.

A few virtual assistant jobs require as few as five hours per week or upwards of 25 hours. According to ZipRecruiter, the average virtual assistant salary is $19 an hour. Check websites such as Upwork or ZipRecruiter for job listings.

2. Online tutoring

Do you have specific expertise you could teach? From musical instrument instruction to LSAT preparation, whatever your expertise, you may be able to become a qualified tutor.

Websites like Lessonface connect children with music teachers who can teach any musical instrument. Parents purchase lessons one at a time or a package of lessons. Prices vary from $60 for four one-hour group sessions to $50 for a half-hour one-on-one tutoring session.

Lessonface’s cut is 15% of what tutors earn if students discovered via their website and 4% if the students are recruited by the tutor.

Another website, Varsity Tutors, provides hour-long sessions to students in a variety of subjects. Lessons range from tutoring in a foreign language to other subjects like geometry tutoring or ACT/SAT preparation. Hours are chosen by the tutors, and compensation ranges from $15 to about $40 an hour.

3. Online and phone surveys

Companies that conduct market research for clients pay individuals to provide reviews and answer questions about a variety of products. These companies pay for surveys taken or testing of client products, everything from foods and snacks to cleaning supplies and workout equipment. One market research company, Shifrin Hayworth, pays $50-$250 for surveys that take from thirty minutes to three hours.

Join to get paid to take surveys at websites such as Focus Group and Find Focus Groups.

4. Online mock juror

Mock jurors are similar to focus groups for upcoming trials. Mock juries provide lawyers with an idea of how jurors may respond to their forthcoming trials. On many mock jury websites, a “juror” is provided with a case and a set of facts or questions, and the juror then provides feedback.

Websites like eJury gauge each case takes around 35 minutes and pay somewhere in the range of $5 and $10. Another website, Online Verdict, appraises each case takes 20-60 minutes and pays $20 to $60.

Jurors are usually required to be 18 or older and a U.S. citizen. Sign up on websites such as Online Verdict and eJury

5. Sell products online

Have a closet that needs cleaning out? Marketplaces such as eBay, Mercari, and Facebook Marketplace allow you to sell a variety of products, from vintage toys to appliances to clothing and more.

Think of it as an opportunity to clean up some clutter and make some additional cash. Be sure to check to see what similar items are being sold for and take plenty of photos before listing items. You might be surprised how much certain video games, toys, and clothing items are worth. You may have a valuable hidden gem just sitting unused in a closet.

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