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5 Ways to Avoid Scaring Your Budget This Halloween

Halloween is arriving soon, and you know what that means- lots of kids will be dressing up in costumes and parading door to door, asking for candy and other goodies. While this can be a lot of fun, it can also put a big dent in your wallet if you’re not careful.

Here are five ways to keep from scaring your budget this Halloween:

Buy your candy right before Halloween

Traditional wisdom suggests buying early, but this doesn’t apply to Halloween candy. Waiting until the last minute can mean candy savings. The price of Halloween candy usually falls a few days before Halloween because retailers want to clear the shelves for Christmas supplies quickly. So don’t be afraid to procrastinate on buying candy.

Buy only as much candy as you need

Perhaps the trickiest part of purchasing Halloween candy is knowing the amount you need. While extra candy means you’ll get to save some for yourself, it also means you’ve spent more money than you needed.

While it’s trying to work out how much candy you’ll need definitively, the initial step is to measure your requirements dependent on the earlier year. By and large, you’ll get a similar number of trick-or-treaters each year. Underestimating can be better for your budget. If you happen to run out of candy, it’s ok to turn off your light or hang an out-of-candy sign.

Get creative instead of buying a costume

Premade costumes can be expensive, and if you’re not careful, they can hurt your budget. So instead, try creating your costume on your own.

Browse Pinterest or Instagram for some inspiration. Then, hit up your closet for clothing that can be the “base” of your costume. Then, shop for accessories like glasses and jewelry from thrift stores or a dollar store. You can also create a mask with makeup you might have on hand.

Skip decorating with real pumpkins

When it comes to Halloween decor, real pumpkins aren’t budget-friendly. Real pumpkins average around $5, so just four can set you back $20. For the same $20, you could buy a variety of Halloween decorations at a dollar store. Decorate your home with signs, faux pumpkins, and spider webs from a dollar store for less than the price of a few pumpkins. A bonus: many of these dollar store decorations and faux pumpkins can be reused next year.

Host a bring-your-own party

If you’re hosting a party this Halloween, consider making it a bring-your-own party. Have your guests bring a dish or drinks. Not only will you get to be surprised, but you’ll also save on food and drink expenses.

Another way to save is to limit the guest list. Fewer guests mean fewer costs. Limit the guest list to those you most want to spend time with.

A bonus tip

Start shopping for next Halloween in November. Many retailers offer deep discounts on Halloween costumes and supplies the day after Halloween. So stocking up now will save you later.

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