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Affordable Last Minute Valentine’s Date Ideas

Has Valentine’s Day snuck up on you? Perhaps you’ve been procrastinating making plans. Maybe you’ve just been too busy to make plans or you’ve been putting it off because you’re on a budget. It happens. Don’t stress, it might be last minute, but there are still many affordable last-minute date ideas that are sure to please your Valentine.

Have Dinner Delivered

If you and your Valentine are working late, why not take advantage of the many food delivery services like Uber Eats and Grubhub, to have dinner delivered? Treat yourself and your Valentine to dinner without having to leave home. Added bonuses: no cleanup and no cooking required. Light some candles and dig in!

Prepare Dinner Together

Hungry but can’t get a last minute reservation? Head to the grocery store and pick up the ingredients to prepare your Valentine’s favorite meal. Cooking together gives you two the chance to catch up and is budget friendly, the perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day.

Movie Night

You and your Valentine probably have a movie or television show you’ve both been meaning to watch. Skip the busy theater and overpriced tickets. Open up Netflix and grab some microwave popcorn and enjoy! Stress free and no need to dress up.

Game Night

Do you both love Scrabble? Probably there is a board game you both enjoy. Pull it out and have a relaxing budget-friendly, simple but enjoyable Valentine’s Day.

Seeing Stars

When was the last time you and your Valentine saw the stars? Grab a blanket and a thermos of tea and take a trip as far out of the city as you need to see the stars, it’s free. Could it get more romantic than watching the stars above with someone you love?

At-home Spa

Create your own at-home spa. Create the perfect bath with bath bombs, soothing Epsom salts, essential oils, and bubble bath, all can be found cheap at your local drugstore. Turn on a soothing playlist, open a bottle of wine, and lights candles. You can also give your Valentine a massage with massage oils.


No matter how busy you and your Valentine are, there are many ways to have a memorable Valentine’s Day without spending too much. The most important part is that you spend time together. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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