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Gift an Unforgettable Experience this Valentine’s Day

Before you head out to shop for the perfect bouquet of roses, chocolates, the latest smartphone, or whatever thing you’ve been conditioned to believe you need to make your loved ones happy this Valentine’s Day, consider this; researchers from San Francisco State University recently found that people who spend on experiences are happier than those who spent money on things. Not only were they happier, but also they considered experiences a better use of money.

The excitement from a new gadget is momentary, roses wilt within days, and the satisfaction of eating chocolates soon passes. So instead of gifting the usual Valentine’s Day things this year, consider spending on an experience. Unlike things, the memories from sharing an experience with a loved one will last a lifetime.

Here are five memorable experiences to treat your loved one to this Valentine’s Day:

1. Take a Class or Workshop Together

Is there a skill or hobby your loved one has always wanted to try? Maybe she has mentioned wanting to take a ballroom dancing class with you? Maybe he’s always wanted to learn to play guitar? Does your loved one love cooking? Other ideas include art classes, a mixology class, or maybe an improv workshop. Whatever it is, there is probably a class or workshop you could sign the two of you up for.

2. Attend a Concert Together

Music brings people together. Making it to a concert and enjoying music with a crowd of has a positive effect on our minds as well as our physiological health because it makes us feel connected to other people. So check out the bands and artists coming to cities near you and book tickets for you and your loved one to sing and dance an evening you’ll never forget.

3. Have a Couples Spa Day

You and your loved one can bond over facials and relax with a couples massage. Having a professional massaging you with lotions and oils is enjoyable enough but experiencing it with a loved one is amazing. Maybe your loved one is more adventurous; consider booking a float therapy session. Whatever you choose, a spa day is a great way for you and your loved one to bond and give your mind/body a relaxing reset.

4. Experience an Adrenaline Rush Together

Is your loved one a thrill seeker? Mark something off his or her thrill-seeking bucket list and have a once in a lifetime experience you’ll both remember forever. Consider skydiving, bungee jumping, mountain climbing, floating in a hot air balloon, hang gliding, or maybe just a trip to an amusement park. A thrill seeking experience is guaranteed to be memorable no matter what you choose.

5. A Weekend Getaway

A weekend getaway is a classic experience and a gift that will be appreciated by your loved one for years to come. Maybe there is somewhere you’ve both been putting off visiting? A weekend away is likely to be worth every cent. Do a little research and book airline tickets, a rental car, a hotel room, a cabin in the woods, or whatever you want, and get ready for a weekend you’ll both remember for a lifetime.

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