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Money Saving for Pet Owners

Having a pet is fun. Lots of fun. But the fun comes with responsibilities; yes lots of responsibilities. Food, healthcare, toys along with everything your pet needs will cost you money. In some cases, we’re talking about lots of money. Let’s see how we can save money as a pet owner:


We understand some people are ready to pay a small fortune for a pet that’s coming from a famous breeder. Indeed they’re not perfect pets; they’re just luckier than the ones waiting in a shelter to be adopted. Our office has a few rescues already so far, and they proved to be extremely loyal and intelligent.

Probably there is at least one shelter in your area, search there for an innocent spirit. For example, you can check Human Society’s website for the pets you can adopt today. You do not need to pay a fortune, and you’ll always have the fantastic feeling of having saved a life.

Get a small pet

Our project manager, Mark, has a dog weights about 90 pounds and this means that he eats A LOT. That little monster eats 4 full bowls of kibble each day – which, as you can imagine, costs quite a bit. Our rescue princes and princesses eat half of a bowl a day each. It is enough for them, and a pack of kibble is good for the whole month.

If you do not want to spend a ton of money on the pet food alone, find a smaller pet which doesn’t consume more than your family combined. Most people never think that their lovely puppy or kitten would become such big, so it would cost a fortune to feed it. If you have a chance to choose, get a smaller pet in favor of your budget.

Lifestyle matters

If you have a cat or dog, don’t let it sleep all day long. A sedentary lifestyle makes pets sick and consequently expensive when it comes to paying for their healthcare. Make sure you set enough time for your lovely pet. Take it out for small walks, or play games inside to let it spend some energy. As it is a fact for all living beings, an active lifestyle is better for health.

Get insurance for your pet

When their lovely friend gets sick, most people have no doubt about doing whatever it takes to make it feel better. Surgeries, short-term therapy or medication for chronic illnesses, these are all costly. Having pet insurance helps a lot in sustaining the health of your pet and covers the costs of unexpected expensive procedures such as hip surgery.

If you can’t afford insurance for your pet, at least follow routine medical care. Keep up with the vaccination plan and feed your pet with quality foods. Keeping your pets healthy can be a little pricey, however, when they become ill, the costs skyrocket.

Make the toys yourself

Yes, you can buy fairly expensive toys from the pet store; but eventually, all your pets care is how much you love them. They really don’t understand how expensive the toy is, indeed it doesn’t mean anything for the pets. So why not making the toys yourself instead of buying?

Only spending a few hours, you can make a toy with the stuff you already have at home. For example, by filling a sock with cotton, you can make a ball for your cat or dog. Trust us, it will be their favorite toy; because you put your love along with the cotton 😉

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