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Sweet Ways to Save This Valentine’s Day

Saving is sexy. With Valentine’s Day celebrations just around the corner, you’ll want to spoil your valentine and have a romantic day. It’s easy to overspend when you’re spending on someone you love. To help you maximize your savings and keep you from overspending while you shop for your Valentine this Valentine’s Day, we have a few tips to share.

A Romantic Dinner In

Instead of dinner reservations, why not grab the ingredients at the grocery store and be the chef this Valentine’s Day? Cook up your valentine’s favorite meal and grab a bottle of wine. Because dinner is usually the most expensive part of Valentine’s Day, the money you’ll save on dinner and drinks by celebrating at home is immense.

Look Elsewhere for Flowers

Skip the florist, the flowers sold on the side of the road (seconds), and expensive flowers sold online. The best deals on flowers can be found in grocery and even warehouse stores. For flowers that last more than a day or two, look for closed buds and don’t forget the flower food packet!

Get Lit

Show your burning love with candles or a fire lit in the fireplace. Not only are candles and firewood affordable, but they also set the ultimate cozy, romantic mood.

Handcrafted From the Heart

Handmade gifts are always the most memorable! Don’t be afraid to craft your own card for your valentine. You could also write a poem or love letter or if you’re better with computers, design, and print a card or note from home. Express your love and don’t fear being cheesy. It’s Valentine’s Day! A handmade gift is far more meaningful than your signature in a mass-produced greeting card.

Affordable Alternatives to Champagne

There are many sparkling wine alternatives to Champagne that’ll impress your valentine and not break your budget. One alternative, Prosecco is a lighter, slightly less bubbly version of Champagne from a region north of Venice, Italy. Another option, Cava is Spain’s Champagne. Cava is made similarly to Champagne but is often described as a bit more dry and fruity. A great bottle of Prosecco or Cava will run you about $15, significantly cheaper than Champagne.

Sweet Chocolate Savings

Chocolate is the most popular candy on Valentine’s Day, but the prices can be quite high. Instead of shelling out $20-$50 for luxury chocolates, make Valentine’s treats at home. Treats like chocolate covered strawberries, truffles, chocolate barks, or fudge can be made at home, usually for less than $10. Another benefit of making your own Valentine’s treats is that they’re far more personal than the heart-shaped box from the store and you can make only your valentine’s favorite flavors.

A Final Word

Whatever you choose to spoil your valentine with this Valentine’s Day, know that it’s the thought that counts most. The best gifts do not have to be the most expensive. It is entirely possible to spoil your valentine and not empty out your wallet. After all, love isn’t measured in dollars.

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