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The Best Ways to Stay on Top of Your Credit

Whether you have bad credit or good credit or even no credit, staying on top of your credit status is an important part of being financially responsible. We’ve listed the best ways to check your credit to help you stay on top of your credit:

Your Free Annual Credit Report

Visit to get a free credit report from each of the three credit reporting agencies. The most strategic way to stay on top of your credit is to space out the reports from the three agencies. Check one every three months each year.

Fraudulent Accounts or Errors

Check over each of the reports from the three agencies carefully. If fraudulent accounts or other errors are reported, it is up to you to dispute them. Errors and fraudulent accounts can greatly impact your creditworthiness and should be addressed immediately after spotted.

Your Free Credit Score

There are plenty of online tools that offer you an idea of your credit score. Check your score to keep an idea of where you are with your credit. Know that these scores can vary from scores seen by lenders because lenders’ calculations of your score can vary across industries.

Remaining on top of your credit is vital because your credit is considered indicative of your financial character. Besides determining what rates you’re offered a loan or whether you get approved for a credit card, credit can also now affect your employment. Many employers check credit because they feel it is a reflection of a potential employee’s integrity and honesty.

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