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Weird Ways to Make Money – Part 1

There are many different ways to make money and with the increasing usage of the internet, lots of online platforms are established to help people looking for some extra money by doing gigs. We tried to list some interesting ways to make money. Most of the items seem weird, but people are willing to pay for these. So, they are easy ways to earn some cash.

Sell money: Turns out, there are people that are wanting to collect dollar bills with distinctive and intriguing serial number combinations. You can check out online to see whether you have some of those bills which make their record and also to find out how much collectors are willing to pay.

Review music: Like products being reviewed by youtubers or influencers, songs need to be reviewed too. Yes, you can make money by listening to music and give your feedback to musicians and record labels. You don’t need to have a good musical ear to review, your opinion also matters as an average person. The more you review, the more money you make for not doing much at all!

Test cars: Want to test out a new vehicle? You can earn around $60 when you present as a potential buyer through a company which audits the auto galleries. After you try the car and listen to the sales pitch, you report your experience. Soon after, the money is yours to spend as you wish.

Be a model: Art schools frequently need models to pose for them and you do not need to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel. Even though you are able to pose clothed, you can make more if you disrobe. Reach out to your local schools and art studios to offer them being a model for their classes.

Be a local guide: Enjoy your city or neighborhood? Well, now you can show people around and earn extra cash too. There are several platforms matching tourists with local guides who create unique experiences to share with other people. Anyone with exceptional knowledge of the area can make a good amount of money while having fun by meeting new people.

Walk a dog or dogs: Offer dog-walking service to acquaintances or people in your building or neighborhood. This is particularly fruitful if you have a dog, as you are able to get paid for the walk you’re already taking. You can get in touch with local shelters for this or use apps to connect with people who are willing to pay for someone to walk their dog.

Participate in clinical trials: Even if you are completely healthy, you can participate in clinical trials for extra cash. While healthy adults function as control groups, there are also trials which focus on conditions or issues that could be helpful to you. You can easily discover clinical trials by searching on

Play games: Get prepared to bring your inner gamer to get this profitable endeavor. With the increasing popularity of self-streaming services such as YouTube, Twitch, and Mixer, lots of people are making money in competitive video gaming.

Sell blood: Blood plasma is used as a treatment for many illnesses, as well as chronic conditions like hemophilia. It sounds a little bizarre, but you can earn up to $400 by selling your blood.

Rent your car: Does your car sit all day in a lot when you are on vacation? Or, do you have an extra car that you can’t sell or throw away for some reason? There are several websites and apps let you rent your car out for an hour or longer terms. Also, you can rent your car to people who you know, so they can do Uber, or Lyft during the time you don’t need it.



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