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Why People Choose Personal Loans 

We support any person who needs credit to consider a personal loan as an option to pay for something expensive. Whether the expenses are planned or unplanned, a personal loan can be a smart decision.

Here are the three most popular reasons why individuals choose a personal loan

  1. Pay off high-interest debt 
  2. Pay for an unplanned expense, for example, a home repair, a medical bill, or vehicle repair.
  3. Pay for a planned expense, similar to a home rebuild, a vacation, or a wedding.

Paying off high-interest debt

Credit card debt

Credit card debt is the most popular reason individuals provide when taking out a personal loan is to reduce high-interest debt. While at times, this is because somebody wasn’t focusing on their buys and abruptly ended up with a heap of obligation, it isn’t generally that way. Many people have utilized credit cards to pay for vehicle repairs, unforeseen medical expenses, and other critical things nobody could foresee. When they have few options, many choose to put the costs on credit cards.

When somebody hits a difficult time in life, a credit card is an easy, convenient way to handle the expense. When that individual recuperates, they realize they have to pay back their obligations, so they utilize credit cards to do that. 

Consolidation of debt

Consolidation of debt is the second most popular reason given for why individuals turn to personal loans to take care of other debt. This generally appears as credit card debt, loans for a car, or even loans from another company. In many cases, it’s to get a lower loan rate.

Many people prefer having a single, straightforward loan payment instead of the many they’re juggling before consolidation.

Paying for unplanned expenses

Medical bills

Medical debt is an issue many Americans struggle with regularly. It’s too easy for hospital expenses to make an already bad situation even worse. A trip to the ER or a simple procedure can cost thousands of dollars, an expense many can’t afford. A fixed-rate personal loan with a manageable payment each month can help anyone struggling with medicals bills get through a stressful period.

Unexpected family crises

Tragically, an unexpected family crisis like a death or a divorce can be incredibly expensive. The pressure of the circumstance can snowball when bills begin coming in, and it becomes time to choose who pays what, when. To ease the financial burden, many turn to personal loans. A personal loan can make a seemingly overwhelming situation manageable.

Paying for planned expenses

Elective medical procedures 

Perhaps there’s something that isn’t totally necessary, such as orthodontia or plastic surgery that isn’t covered by insurance. Many use personal loans to cover expenses for elective medical procedures or medical expenses not covered by insurance.

Home improvement/re-model

Whether you are looking into updating your kitchen or put in a pool, a personal loan can help you pay for any improvements you plan to make to your home.


The cost to pack, move, and re-settle can be immense. Personal loans are often used to cover the expense of paying to move possessions and settling families in their new homes and communities.

Whatever the reason you’re considering a personal loan, we at TCA Loans are thankful for the chance to help individuals, their families, and their networks. Get started with TCA Loans today.

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